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Imagine a world where music did not exist. Next time you watch a movie and the villain and hero are facing off, listen to the dramatic background music. Think of a love
scene or a scene where a father and daughter part ways or reunite. Music has a
way of touching our emotions. It can pump us up, make us cry, and even prove terrifying and raise our heart rate. For example, in a horror film, the intensity and speed of music in a climactic scene hastens as the culprit edges closer to the unsuspecting victim.

Music is also for celebration; from weddings to the excitement of a college football game. At a wedding music inspires dancing and sets the mood for celebration. At a game the marching band pumps up the crowd and raises team spirit.

God is certainly aware of the use and power of music. When stressed, Saul would call on David to play the harp to calm his soul. Recall Israel bringing the Ark of the Covenant back
to Jerusalem.

Throughout history, music’s power and influence have been evident; from the classical composer, Beethoven to the hippies of the 60’s. I’ve heard it said before that “music instructs.”It almost “tells” one how to feel. If one closely listens to some songs, one can infer exactly what the author/creator was feeling when he/she wrote and recorded them. If one is having a bad day, sometimes just listening to a joyous song can put one in a better mindset and turn one’s day around.

Music has also played an important part in the church. Most church services consist of a music portion and a preaching/teaching portion. The preaching and teaching is FOR us. To teach us, encourage us, and motivate us. But the music is FROM us and FOR God. That is our praise and worship to Him. He loves our praise and music. The word says He inhabits the praise of his people.  So next time you’re in church and the music is playing, sing along. Praise your Creator. Make a joyful noise to the Lord. It’s a powerful thing!


Pastor Nate Ball

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