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It’s a word we all have a love/hate relationship with!  We love BEING fit, but we hate the “getting there” part!  I know you’re all cringing because I’m talking about fitness and you’re thinking…”but it’s the holidays and there’s so much good food!”  It’s ok!  I’m here to encourage you that you can STILL enjoy that Christmas dinner AND stay in shape or continue to get in shape!  It’s all about balance….it’s that simple!

In his epistles to the Ephesians, Paul reminds his audience that although “all things are permissible (allowable) but not all things were expedient (beneficial)….meaning that the Ephesians could have behaved as they deemed right even if those very behaviors may not prove beneficial.  You may be cringing even more as I pull out the Word to talk about fitness.  See we are permitted to eat whatever we desire even though those things may not necessarily be good for us.  Imagine how you feel after eating that big dinner that you wished you hadn’t.  We’ve all done it time and time again.  This Christmas season let’s try something different….let’s not stuff ourselves until we become immobile.  Let’s enjoy the things we love but let’s do so in balance. Eat a bigger portion of the turkey and veggies and less of the potatoes and bread.  I guarantee that you’ll feel better AND without feeling you are on a“diet”.

Let’s not wait until the New Year to make another fitness resolution….let’s start NOW!  We are instructed in the Bible to take care of our “temple”. I know as Christians sometimes we overly concentrate on imperfections we feel important” to the detriment of others such as “gluttony.  I’ve heard the saying after a big family dinner “Oh my, now I’m in a food coma”….that’s not something to joke about.  We are to take care of our temple whether it’s food or other fleshly habits.

Did you know that exercising actually makes one happy?   When one exercises, endorphins are released into your body causing one to feel better and happier.  Have you ever seen that movie Legally Blonde?  Elle is defending her client (who is a well-known fitness instructor) that is being accused of murdering her husband.  When talking to the other attorneys on the case she makes this statement: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

So, during this busy season, make time to work out. When visiting the malls, park further out to walk a little extra.  Take an extra lap around the mall after your shopping is done.  Take a walk with the family to look at the Christmas lights in your neighborhood.  You can do it!  The Bible says, “I can do ALL things through Christ with strengthens me!”  Hope you all have a very Healthy Christmas season and a Fit New Year!


Kimberly Ball

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