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2014 has been an exceptionally challenging year. No doubt.

There are plenty of things to ponder and write about for a year end ‘Current Events’ column; too many. That’s probably the case every year if you really think about it. On the grand scale of recorded human history has there ever been a time when the world wasn’t recoiling from some series of major events?

Unexpected major events are always headline grabbers probably because they usually underline our fragility and vulnerabilities and beg the question, ‘why’. The Christian worldview can appear curiously silent and beliefs and promises unfulfilled especially when disastrous events target a colossus of the faith.

You may have heard about the private jet that crashed in the Bahamas on Sunday afternoon November 9, 2014. The crash was widely covered by national and international media outlets both secular and Christian.

Dr. Myles Munroe, founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI), and his wife, Ruth, along with seven others, including the senior Pastor, the husband and wife Youth Pastors, their young son and unborn child, were killed on the eve of an annual three day international conference. Inclement weather reportedly factored into a decision to fly at a lower altitude resulting in the small plane somehow clipping a crane mast on its approach to the runway.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to hear Myles Munroe speak in Delaware at a hotel in Claymont and again at a large church in Bear. During both occasions I sat mesmerized like a student suddenly infused with wonderment. Suddenly I became aware of the personal pursuit of God ordained purpose and the practical and pragmatic tenets of the faith. That was the gift of Dr. Munroe. God purposed him to teach primarily about personal purpose and the simplicity of applied Kingdom principles. (I encourage anyone with a preference for solid teaching to visit the Bahamas Faith Ministries website and to view one of the many YouTube uploads.)

His appeal was global. Consistent with the Kingdom principles he often ministered he was afforded diplomatic privileges and personal invitations to advance the Gospel among the most influential people and leaders in the world. As someone recently shared in great remorse, one of God’s generals has been removed from the battlefield.

I personally find the tragic loss to be premature. But my personal thoughts and reasons aside, on a larger scale what can be gleaned when unexpected major events expose our fragility and vulnerabilities and beg the question, why?

Since March of this year I felt lead to begin listening to Dr. Munroe’s teachings anew. The morning of that fate filled November 9th I was once again listening to a Dr. Monroe teaching about our earthly roles as Kingdom diplomats. He was delineating our spiritual and practical responsibilities and accountabilities verses that of God’s in a societal context. It aided my understanding of another message about the purpose of prayer in which he concluded that Jesus spent early morning hours in private communion with the Father so he could specifically resolve the spiritual and practical issues of humanity in relative minutes.

The tumultuous events of 2014 certainly reinforce the need for purposeful, prayerful harvesters who can aptly apply Kingdom principles to the various fields of the humanities.

Despite the enormity of events Ecclesiastes informs us that there is nothing new underneath the sun. Yet our ability to spiritually and pragmatically brace life’s unexpected affairs will require that we proportionately structure our vertical relationship like the Son of God, so that we might effectively handle and master our horizontal experiences like the Son of Man.


Wayne Henderson

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